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  • A unique Solution to keeping Warm While riding out the tough Weather
  • Your upper body isn't the only part of you that needs to keep warm
  • Saddle up with our Heated Motorcycle Pants Liner and take your motorcycle anywhere your legs and wheels take you
  • Composed of rainproof nylon fabric and stealth micro-alloy heating fibers, you'll forget about the cold winds while on the road. Strategically placed heating panels provide just the right amount of heat every time you go out for a stroll Hours of continuous Heat
  • The Heated Pants Liner is designed to connect to a 12v DC power source, like the existing battery of your motorcycle, to provide you with as much heat as you need while riding out the toughest weather complete lower Body Warmth
  • The unnoticeable micro-alloy heating panels of the Heated Pants Liner are placed all over the legs, buttocks and shins to provide heat in parts bikers need it most. The liner also features wire connectors on the pants to easily attach heated insoles for all-around heat constant Warmth to keep your legs nimble
  • Motorcycle riders need maximum flexibility every time they go out and ride. That's why Venture Heat's heated pants liner was created with durable rainproof coated nylon. Very thin and flexible material that can provide them the performance they need, every time