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6-Into-6 Slip-On

Estimated price for orientation: 900 $

Category: Cobra


Emphasizes the six cylinders that power the classic Gold Wing engine

Six-into-two-into-six slip-on mufflers each have three separate bodies on each side giving the bike six pipes total; each of the three muffler bodies measures 2 1/4in. in diameter

Each of the three pipes on each muffler ties into a three-into-one collector

The gigantic, clover-leaf shaped collector locks each tube into perfect position, while a system of unseen brackets ties the pipes together at the rear

Designed so each pipes arced bend matches the bike bags, creating perfect visual symmetry

Ends also feature a radical slash cut for an even sportier look

While louder than stock, they are still well within acceptable sound levels

Chromed steel construction

Uses stock heat shields

Made in the USA