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Estimated price for orientation: 70 $

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  • Provide engine with the precise amount of fuel at each rpm and throttle opening for maximum power
  • Produce superior top-end power without sacrificing the tight, responsive feel Factory carb kits are known for
  • Configuration 10 Kits are designed to work with stock or aftermarket exhaust systems and stock airboxes to increase power, torque and throttle response
  • Configuration 30 Kits provide the ultimate in performance without sacrificing driveability
  • PROKITS are the same as the Configuration 10 kits, but come with titanium needles instead of hardened anodized aluminum needles
  • Configuration 30 Kits require the removal of airbox, the use of individual air filters and are the only kits designed specifically for use with an aftermarket exhaust
  • All kits include needles, shims, clips, pilot jets and power jets (as applicable), main jet set, carb top Allen screws, storage case, vinyl stickers and instructions
  • Jets included are top-quality Mikuni and Keihin