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  • Designed to meet the demands of the new S&S® Super Sidewinder Plus series motors
  • Pump produces 38% more volume and 61% more return over stock type pumps
  • Severe duty billet steel gears provide long life and durability
  • Unique oiling system allows pump to oil top and bottom end even in extreme conditions maintaining 10-35 psi. in most cases
  • No thicker than a stock pump
  • Gears with fewer, but larger, teeth provide increased oil volume for both supply and return sides of the pump
  • Supply gears are 99% wider than stock and standard S&S® oil pumps
  • Increased scavenging capacity results in: Less oil in the crankcase, Less oil in carryover, Equipped with a stock length oil pump drive shaft
Gasket Rebuild Kit
  • Includes key and retaining ring
Master Rebuild Kit
  • Includes gasket rebuild kit, seal, retaining ring, relief valve spring, check valve spring, check valve, ball and cover screw O-rings
Pump Kits Only
  • Complete oil pump assembly
  • Oil pump driveshaft
  • Miscellaneous hose fitting and plugs
  • Paper gaskets
  • Mounting hardware
Pump and Gear Kits
  • Everything in the “pump only” kits
  • Oil pump drive shaft gear
  • Oil pump pinion shaft gear
  • Steel breather gear and shim kit
Standard style covers have feed and return holes in the stock locations. The universal cover has a number of oil feed and return option, allowing maximum flexibility for custom applications.