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1987 Honda 200x - Very Rare - # 851 of 3538 Great Restoration Potential

Estimated price for orientation: 1 025 $

Category: ATVs

Condition: Used Year: 1987
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): JH3TB0526HK600851 Engine Size (cc): 200
Make: Honda Transmission Type: Manual
Model: ATC200X Exterior Color: White
Type: 3-Wheeler Drive Train: 2-Wheel Drive
Vehicle Title: Not Available For Sale By: Private Seller

Here is a very unique opportunity to own the rarest ATC every produced.   This 200X is number 851 out of 3538 ever reportedly made by Honda.  No one can truly attest to the actual number of these that have survived over the last 30 years.  In 1986 the CPSC banned the sale of three wheeled motorcycles, very few 1987 models made it to dealer hands, and the ones that were in dealer hands, or in transit to the states, were destroyed shortly after due to the band.  I purchased this from a kid who had little knowledge of what the machine was, other than it was rare.  He, or the previous owner, was not very kind to its uniqueness.  This ATC is what I would call a 15 footer.  It is a very decent looking machine at 15 feet but has several issues that the purists will nit pick.  I would describe this unit as a low hour, but abusive use machine.  I have done my best to describe this machine to the best of my knowledge.  Here is what I know:The Bad:All of the fenders have damage including the headlight bucket, front and rear fenders have 1" cracksThe tank plastics are red and they should be white (Replaced by the previous owner, he disposed of the white shrouds because he thought they were aftermarket!)The front forks need rebuiltThe rear shock needs rebuilt (I inspected the shaft and found no pitting) should just be a seal/oil/nitrogen rebuild.Swingarm bushings are badThere is a chip near the key in the plastic that holds the ignitionThe rear right grab bar bolt boss is missing.  Picture are attached of it missing and what it should look like.  (Side by Side) This is an easy fix as it appears to have pulled the weld off.  I could fix this and no one would know, but I prefer to be honest.The seat and air box to frame tube show signs of an exhaust leak (melting of the base and tube) see photo'sThe seat cover is wrongThe handlebars are wrongThe hand brake and clutch lever are wrongThe left hand control (High Low Beam / Kill Switch) is damagedThe factory rear grab bar, toolbox, and light are missing.The foot brake has damage to the tow portion (common)The kick lever needs replaced (The previous owner took it apart so someone wouldn't ride it, don't ask me why he didn't just take the key out)The gas tank has knee dent both sidesThe tires are incorrect There are at least 3 bolts that have been replaced (All appear to have been replaced with metric) this include the exhaust shield, one of he front fender bolts,  and a gas tank bolt The front hub is gold? The front rim has a hard lip finish.  I believe it to be a OEM Honda rim but it may not be?  This will lead into the mystery below.The Good:The engine does not have any case damageThe engine does not smoke, even on start upThe engine starts easy and idles, (Although I would always recommend a carb cleaning etc)The rear axle carrier appears originalThe chain and sprockets appear originalThere does not appear to be any repaint (frame) and very little wear (engine and frame)There does not appear to be any wiring damageThe clutch is smooth and the vehicle shifts through the gears like butter, No issues with reaching neutral from first (clutch basket wear)The parking brake and equipment is all still thereThe rear rims appear stock and undamaged (rolled edge rims)This is a very early 1987The Mystery:The engine Number is as follows:TB05E - 6400848This is significant for many reasons and begs explanation from all ATC enthusiasts.  According to common sources all 1987 Honda 200X engines starting with the first one built should be TB05E - 8400001 starting with the first 1987 production year engine and counting numerically up for each additional.  For the 1986 Honda 200X engine model year, the first believed was TB05E - 6300001.Why is this significant? - According to standard Honda nomenclature the TBO5E represents all Honda 200X models built since the start in 1983.  1983 Model being TBO5E - 600001.  As the model years progressed they went TB05E - 6100001 for 1984, 6200001 for 1985, 6300001 for 1986, but then jumped to 8400001 for 1987.Either way the engine in this was the 848 engine built for the 4th year of production (1987) (6400848), according to standard nomenclature.  This matched the frame build number of 851 as in many manufacturing facilities the engines are mated near one another and aren't exact.  Plus, what are the chances of getting the 848th engine in the 851st frame and them not be factory mated.This is a unique piece of Honda history because prior to this vehicles discovery it was thought all 1987 engines were 8400001 and up.  My best guess, along with other 87 ATC's that exist is that Honda was going to continue there standard production process but needed to make a change once the band was enforced.  To monitor and mark engines after the band my guess is they switched the 6 to and 8 to help identify engines built for vehicles, or built after the band.  (I work at a major powersport manufacturer and this is only a guess to my experience in the industry).  I have seen people say they have a 1986 second generation 200X which has a 84 engine serial.  My guess is what happened was someone blew up an engine for a 1986 and it was replaced with a 1987 post recall engine.  I would also bet the literal farm that the engine is original to the frame in this machine.Either way, all ATC were subject to numerous changes over a model year.  This included frame changes on 350x's etc.  I'm guessing that this early vintage 87 has a unique story to tell that may not have been previously understood.  I would not consider myself an expert on Honda's of this generation but can easily see a contradiction to the accepted believe of these machines.