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Estimated price for orientation: 230 $

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  • Improves the overall performance of fuel-injected ATVs equipped with any aftermarket exhaust system
  • Model-specific, and comes preset from the factory
  • Installation is a simple plug and play; easily accomplished by the home mechanic
  • Includes O.E.M.-style connectors that snap directly into the fuel injector bodies, or body in a single-cylinder application
  • Giving tuners and home mechanics the product needed to fine-tune Fi engines quickly, easily, and economically
  • Features 3 adjustment screws called pots. The left and the center pots adjust low speed and mid-range settings, and should be able to correct most lean air/fuel mixture problems
  • This third tuning pot is for use with engines that have had extensive modifications such as big bore kits, higher compression pistons or heads, or other performance increases where more fuel is required in order for the engine to run properly at full-throttle positions