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2016 Russia Pelets

Estimated price for orientation: 6 500 $

Category: Other Makes

Condition: New Year: 2016
Model: Pelets Make: Russia

Meet "Pelets Mini II".On the hunt! Fishing! In any season!"Pelets Mini II" - a new design, excellent speed performance, highest throughput and flexibility. The updated all-terrain vehicle "Pelets Mini II" has become even more convenient, more powerful and dynamic. It's a real comfort and convenience for the driver and passenger.The most modern design developed by the best European designers, taking into account the conditions of the Russian off-road, will allow you to move around with pride where other techniques to drive just can not.The versatility of all-season and all-terrain vehicle floating "Pelets Mini II" allows him to fully replace the ATV, snowmobile, boat, swamp buggies and more.Lightweight and compact all-terrain vehicle "Pelets Mini II" allows you to quickly slide through the mud, swamp, river, deep snow and even ice without fear to fail and get stuck Thanks sealed housing bathing in the polynya is not a problem - all-terrain vehicle will float and hoist it easily pull.Robust steel casing will withstand a collision with an obstacle even in extreme cold. A multi-layer polymeric coating of the most modern materials will protect it from scratches and corrosion. New energy-intensive suspension provides extra comfort when traveling over rough terrain.Many hunters and anglers have appreciated the convenience, flexibility and high throughput rover "Pelets Mini II of", and new technical solutions significantly increase its attractiveness with preserved availability.The basic package "Pelets Mini II - 700" includes:- The engine of 32 hp .;- Interior vibration isolation;- LED lights front and rear;- Rear bumper;- Safety when the arc for the driver and passenger. These steel ATVs +7 960 924 15 07