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Privateer Dual Temp Tire Warmers

Estimated price for orientation: 395 $

Category: Chicken Hawk Racing


Allow for fast cornering from the first lap makes tire last longer

Saves heat cycles so tires dont age by being heated and cooled

Highest watt density650 watts rear and 500 watts front

Slow, yet powerful, the warmer permeates the tire carcass with stable heatattaining hot tire pressure

Neoprene side panels insulate the wheel and ensure proper fit

Back-n-forth heater design provides even heating

Carbon and poly insulation for better heat retention

Ballistic nylon exterior

Dupont Nomex linermelt-proof with temperature-sensitive dye

Dual stage operating lights show when heating and when ready

Nylon carrying bag

Available in Standard, Dual Temperature and Digital models

Sold in setsone front and one rear

Safe to use with DOT and race compound tires

120V operation

Change operating temperature with the flip of switch!

Settings: Low-135 degrees and High 175 degrees