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  • Virtually flat proof your tires with the Tire Ball multiple air cell inflation system. The puncture of a Tire Ball inflated tire results in a single flat cell out of many, allowing many puncture situations to be ignored.
  • Improve traction by running lower air pressure increasing the tire contact patch. Run the same plush low pressure set up in any condition whether muddy and soft or dry and hard.
  • Enhance suspension by eliminating air transfer away from the contact patch. Feel the progressively increasing pressure, the harder you hit something the higher the pressure goes.
  • Increase cornering speeds with lower pressure without having the tire roll over or wash out.
  • Tire Balls can be used with ANY brand of tire. Air pressure is adjustable in each Tire ball cell by using a valve similar to a basketball or football
Offroad Pro (for use on ATVs and UTVs)
  • Heavy-duty
MX Pro (for use on ATVs)
  • Lightweight, high performance
The Tire Ball Product is specifically designed for Offroad use at speeds up to 80mph (130km/h) – above this speed, heat build up can lead to thermal degradation and loss of air pressure. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should Tire Balls be fitted to motorcycles/ATVs for on road use. Tire Balls are designed for Offroad use only. IT SHOULD NEVER BE USED ON PAVED ROADS.