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Galfer strongly recommends following these Bed-In directions:

1. Clean the brake rotor(s) with thin sand paper and water prior to new pad installation

2. Towel dry the rotor surface after sanding

3. Install the new pads and be easy with the brakes for the next 40-50 miles

1054 Semi-Metallic Carbon Compound
  • Works well in wet conditions as well as in cold brake conditions
  • Will withstand abrupt temperature changes allowing for a quick feel return
Advance Ceramic Full Metallic HH/HD Compound
  • Will withstand friction ratings of 0.7u and does not require any heat to deliver friction
  • Advance ceramic technology allows for pads to “cool off” as soon as pressure is released from the brake lever
  • Requires very little brake pressure effort under repeated braking
  • Recommended for those looking for the “edge” or “ultimate” stopping feel and control
Note: All Galfer brake pads must be properly “Bedded-In” to achieve maximum output and reduce unnecessary rotor wear.