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Estimated price for orientation: 264 $

Category: Douglas Wheel Technology


  • 2 Ultimate Rok-Out wheels
  • 2 Ultimate G3 wheels
  • 4 mud covers
  • Official DWT hat
Awesome Rok-Out Features:
  • Lighter than original Ultimate wheels
  • Adds style without losing protection
  • Universal built-in Rock Guard - works with all stock front hubs and most aftermarket hubs
  • Stops outside debris from entering, preventing damage to brake lines, caliper and wheel
  • Eliminates stock O.E.M. steel, rock-guard plates for further convenience and weight reduction
  • Integral Rock Guard stiffens the wheel center
Awesome G3 Features:
  • Takes another giant leap forward in the quest to control the negative effects of mud build-up
  • Using the same installation features of outboard DWT mud cover, G3 incorporates a formed-in reinforcing ring on the inboard side of the wheel that receives a DWT mud cover
  • Mud cover slips over the axle and snaps into place
  • Testing in muddy racing conditions has shown that this system STOPS mud and water build-up, eliminating out-of-balance shake and vibration while improving acceleration and braking