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Technology to match your machine. Today's touring, sports and V-Twin motorcycles operate on the razor's edge of power, performance and reliability. Combined with the rigors of using unleaded gas, motorcycle oils must include the latest technology to keep up with the demands of today's motorcycle engines. Their revving and hot running engines need a lubricant made to handle these punishing levels of stress. Since 1911, Castrol™ motorcycle oils have dominated the World Racing Circuit. Trust Castrol™, a motorcyclist's best friend.

  • Fully synthetic 2-stroke motorcycle engine oil that has been designed to maintain a tough layer of protection on critical engine parts (premix or injector)
  • Reacts to changes in operating temperature, releasing extra protection as it is needed
  • Provides maximum and sustained engine performance even at wide open throttle and high engine speed conditions
  • Delivers superior protection against thermal and mechanical breakdown
  • Designed for both oil injection and premix application